These are the activities for the Winter-Spring semester of 2023:

The class takes place on Wednesday at 10:30 am (GMT+3:30), in lecture hall 2 at IPM and online (send me an email to receive the link for the online meeting). Please check the News page for details of each session and weekly reading material.

  • A graduate course on Intersection Theory, given by Tahereh Aladpoosh. The textbook is 3264 and All That, by D. Eisenbud and J. Harris. For more information about the course, visit here.

The course will be onsite and online. The organizational meeting takes place on Wednesday, February 8th, at 2 pm (GMT+3:00), in lecture hall 2 at IPM and online (send an email to tahere.alad @ to receive the link).

  • A graduate-level Algebraic Geometry course, given by Ali Partofard.

This course takes place on Thursday at 1:30 pm (GMT+3:00) in lecture hall 1 at IPM and online (send an email to: partofardali @ gmail . com to receive the link). Please note that this course is in Persian.